Enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience in Lanzarote.

Enjoy a relaxing massage without moving

Sports massage, relaxing, descontracturant… no matter what type of massage you need, our specialised masseurs will come to your accommodation at the indicated time so that you can enjoy a session without leaving your home. Contract Service.

Tasting of typical dishes.

Barbecue, paella, tasting menu of Canarian dishes, tasting of local wines or pairing of tapas and wine prepared by our chefs especially in the accommodation for our guests. Contract Service.

Boat trip, a real adventure

Enjoy a completely private five hour boat trip where we will dock in front of the beautiful beaches of Papagayo and enjoy a paella prepared on the spot.Contract Service.

A babysitter to look after the kids

Travelling as a family is a wonderful experience, but sometimes it is also nice to be able to make plans exclusively between adults. Our babysitter has excellent references, speaks several languages and is able to entertain, feed or put to sleep up to three children at a time (maximum one baby).Contract Service.

Need to catch a flight?

Do you want to enjoy one of our accommodations but you don’t have the flights yet? Fill in our contact form and we will help you find the option that best suits you at the best possible price.Contract Service.

Private vehicle and transfers

Personalised transfers in exclusive vehicles, and forget about long taxi queues or even driving. The best way to start your stay. Contract Service.

Enjoy a unique breakfast

Do we have something to celebrate or do you simply want to treat yourself? Choose one of our premium breakfasts at home and start your day the way you deserve. Contract Service.

Small groups with guides

Get away from the crowded tourist excursions and get to know the wonderful environment where you enjoy your holidays in very small groups, with specialised guides and unique destinations far from the ordinary. Contract Service.


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    We are committed to a personalised service, to achieve the best experience. We show you our best Villas in Lanzarote, in unbeatable locations.

    Villa 21

    Price from 139€/night

    120 6 2 5

    Villa Flora Playa Blanca

    Price from 100€/night

    120 6 3 5

    Villa Reymar

    Price from 90€/night

    150 6 2 4

    Villa Eva

    Price from 120€/night

    120 6 2 5

    Villa Atlántico

    Price from 180€/night

    250 8 5 4

    Villa Josephine

    Price from 140€/night

    200 8 4 6

    Villa 4

    Price from 93€/night

    120 6 2 5

    Villa Portugal

    Price from 130€/night

    220 8 4 5

    Villa 22

    Price from 151€/night

    120 6 2 5

    Villa La Sombrera

    Price from 100€/night

    120 6 2 4

    Villa Benzanilla

    Price from 120€/night

    120 6 2 5

    Villa Paula Costa Teguise

    Price from 106€/night

    180 5 2 4


    Visit the most interesting and beautiful places in Lanzarote. What would you like to see?