A dream holiday, visit the most outstanding places in Lanzarote.

One of the three main centres for accommodation and tourism in Lanzarote

Along with Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen, it is one of the three main centres for accommodation and tourism in Lanzarote. Its layout is less concentrated and more spacious, distributed in long avenues lined with palm trees that run parallel to the ocean and the beaches. Its oldest part is the fishing village, which almost coincides with its geographical centre and has maintained a very recognisable and defined aesthetic over the last few decades.

Hotels of all categories and types, apartment complexes, numerous beaches and a wide range of restaurants and leisure activities make Costa Teguise a perfect place to spend your holidays, whether with your family, your partner or with friends.

Tip: if you want to enjoy the swimming pool of your hotel or flat, we recommend that you choose a place protected from the wind, because sometimes in Costa Teguise it can play tricks if they are not oriented correctly (although most of them are).

One of the three main accommodation and tourism centres of Lanzarote

Along with Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen, it is one of the three main centres of accommodation and tourism in Lanzarote. Its layout is less concentrated and wider, distributed in long avenues lined with palm trees that run parallel to the ocean and the beaches. Its oldest part is the fishing village, which almost coincides with its geographical centre and which has maintained a very recognisable and defined aesthetic in recent decades.

Hotels of all categories and types, apartment complexes, numerous beaches and a wide range of restaurants and leisure facilities make Costa Teguise a perfect place to spend your holidays, whether with your family, your partner or with friends.

Tip: if you want to enjoy the swimming pool of your hotel or flat, we recommend that you choose a place protected from the wind, as sometimes in Costa Teguise this can play tricks if they are not well oriented (although most of them are).

Where to eat in Costa Teguise

La Bohemia

Address: Lanzarote, Av. de las Islas Canarias, 11, Local 6, 35508 Costa Teguise, Las Palmas
Phone: 928 59 17 72
Well-known for its grilled meats, La Bohemia is a very welcoming place, with a professional and friendly service. Are you a carnivore? Then you’ll enjoy it like a child. They also have a good variety of exceptional homemade hamburgers. The large grill is in full view in the middle of the restaurant, but with a huge (and silent) extractor hood to avoid any discomfort caused by smoke. Interesting wine list, they also have craft beers, both local and from elsewhere. It’s a good idea to book a table.

Taberna El Bocadito

Address: Avenida Islas Canarias, 16, C.C. Los Charcos, 35509 Costa Teguise, Las Palmas
Phone: 928 34 67 94
Tortilla de patatas. They have many things, almost all of them very good and reasonably priced, but what makes this place a cult place is the potato omelette. Simply spectacular. It is impossible for you to ask any local where to eat a good omelette and not have El Bocadito named among the best, if not clearly the best. We also recommend the croquettes and meatballs. Don’t miss it.

Cochino cojo

Address: Av. de las Islas Canarias, 4, 35508 Costa Teguise, Las Palmas
Phone: 928 59 09 35

A place with a varied menu and good prices, with a very pleasant terrace for lunch or dinner when the temperature allows it.

Do you want to enjoy peace?

The only populated island of the so-called Chinijo archipelago, which also includes Alegranza, Roque del Este and Roque del Oste, is a true natural paradise. It is a place where there are no roads, only dirt tracks, and where you can get around either by jeep, on foot or by bicycle. If you like the beach, you should definitely enjoy the peace, the beaches and the views of this unique place in the world.

To get to La Graciosa you’ll first have to go to the village of Órzola, in the north of Lanzarote. There you can catch a ferry to cross, which leaves every thirty minutes (if you’re spending the day, watch out for the return of the last one). Our recommendation: spend at least one night there. It is not the same to spend the day thinking about the return ferry as it is to sleep and wake up in the peace and quiet of La Graciosa.

What to do on the island of La Graciosa?

  • Jeep excursions. As soon as you arrive at the port, you’ll see several jeeps waiting to take you to the flat you’ve booked or if you want to book an excursion. They have different lengths and stops, so choose the one that suits you best. They can also take you to the beach of your choice for the day. When you get tired, you call them and they come and pick you up. Bear in mind that, especially in high season, it is more than likely that in this mode you will have to share the vehicle, which will be bouncing around due to the nature of the terrain. It’s fun and the kids love it.
  • Bike hire, an activity for the whole family. If you like cycling in La Graciosa you will enjoy its dirt tracks. Is it suitable for all physical conditions? almost. There are some unevenness in the terrain, but if you’re not completely pathentary or suffer from any serious injury, it shouldn’t be a problem.
    Our advice: dedicate the day to cycling, but also take food, water and a swimming costume, because this way you can make sunbathing and swimming stops that will make the route more pleasant.
    If you need help renting a bike or want to sort it out before you get to La Graciosa, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to give you a hand.
  • Watch the sunset on the beach next to the village. A real haven of peace and a spectacle for the senses that can be reached on foot in five minutes from Caleta de Sebo.

Where to eat?

Casa Chano.

A small, homely-looking restaurant, without unnecessary ornamentation, where you’ll find locals having lunch or dinner. Fish of the day, calamari, octopus… almost any option you choose is a good choice and the price is not bad at all.

El Veril.

An informal place to eat some raciones or dishes with your feet in the sand on the beach of Caleta de Sebo. With this indication it is impossible not to find it. You can eat something from the menu (croquettes, octopus, etc.) or you can accompany the waiter inside and he will show you the fresh fish of the day in a fridge so that you can choose the one you like best. It has a few low tables for a drink after a meal and is a very pleasant place to relax.

Los Girasoles.

A quality restaurant where if you want to go we recommend that you either come early or book a table, because it tends to fill up especially at dinner time. Everything is good, but we love the rice dishes they serve, accompanied by a good white wine from Lanzarote.

A unique enclave on the island to enjoy the marvellous Canarian temperature.

The oldest tourist centre on the island, it has an immense and varied range of accommodation, some of the most beautiful beaches on Lanzarote and a range of leisure activities to suit all tastes. The fact that Puerto del Carmen is protected from the wind by its orientation and its orography, makes it a unique enclave on the island to enjoy the wonderful Canarian temperatures at any time of the year. Stay in one of its typical flats, let the sun bathe you on its beaches and enjoy live music while you dine, you’re in Puerto del Carmen!

What can we do in Puerto del Carmen?

Enjoy its beautiful beaches all year round, among which you can find:

  • Playa Grande; a long urban beach with sun loungers for rent and very busy at any time of the year.
  • Playa Chica; a true natural spectacle of crystal clear waters, usually frequented more by locals than by tourists. Most of the diving schools in the area practice their dives at the pier right next to it, due to the spectacular richness of the seabed that the area offers to the senses. If you go at the weekend, make sure you know what time you arrive, as you may not be able to find a place to leave your towel. If you can, take a snorkel and goggles to observe the seabed.
  • Playa de los pocillos beach; the most frequented by people staying in the Matagorda area. With a horseshoe shape, it gives the impression of being wider than long. It is important to bear in mind the tides, as when they are very high, the sandy area is considerably reduced.
  • Experiment with water sports: scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, deep sea fishing… or sailboat or yacht trips to look for dolphins at sunset. The offer is wide and varied.
  • Enjoy its nightlife; from its many bars and restaurants for all tastes to its pubs and nightclubs. Especially recommended are those in the Varadero area (Heinneken, San Miguel, Sky…) or some on the seafront such as Routa 66 or the American Indian café if you want to listen to live music.

Where to eat?

Vinos +

Address: C.C. Playa Blanca, Calle Timanfaya, s/n, 35510 Puerto del Carmen, Las Palmas
Phone: 928 51 69 59

This friendly restaurant, run by a welcoming family, will seduce you with its typically Spanish dishes and portions. You won’t find many stray tourists here, but rather people who come exclusively for lunch or dinner at Vinos +. As you may have guessed from the name, the wine list is spectacular and the number of wines they serve by the glass is wide and varied. They also have a shop in the adjoining premises where you can buy many of the products and wines served in the restaurant. It is important to book, especially in the evenings because it fills up in no time.

La Carmencita del Puerto

Address: CC Maritimo, Av. de las Playas, s/n, 35510 Puerto del Carmen, Las Palmas
Phone: 928 51 23 18

Small tapas and raciones restaurant, run by the owners themselves; a very nice couple from Madrid. He cooks, she waits tables. All the products are of high quality, well prepared and reasonably priced. Be careful because they are only open in the afternoon/evening and as there are very few tables it is important to book.

El toro

Address: LZ-40, 35518 Tías, Las Palmas
Phone: 928 51 06 42

With easy access and parking, the restaurant El Toro, at the entrance of Puerto del Carmen, is a reference point for the gastronomy of this town. Although it has a long tradition of high quality grilled meats, El Toro has recently incorporated a chef of reputable experience in the Canarian hotel and catering industry who has also added depth and variety to the menu. A place where it is practically impossible to go wrong, with reasonable prices and where we recommend booking a table, especially if you go at night. If you’re going with children, ask about the weekend entertainment.

On Sundays in Villa Teguisa you can enjoy a very touristy flea market.

It takes place every Sunday of the year in the village of Teguise, the former capital of the island and a beautiful place independently of this event. It starts at 10:00 and ends at 14:00 and there are special buses from the main tourist spots on the island. If you go by car, you’ll find semi-private car parks at the entrance to the town, as on market days you can’t drive in until the market is over. What can you find? From the classic purchases you’d make at any street market in the world, to local Canarian handicrafts, perfumes and works of art. If you’re not much of a flea market person, you can visit the piracy museum, housed in an old castle, which offers stunning views of the entire north of the island.

Bonus: with the end of the flea market, the tourists disappear. That’s when the market stallholders start to party and the locals start to arrive, so the whole Sunday afternoon the atmosphere is festive in the village and it’s not difficult to find small concerts in the bars. Let yourself go!

A unique landscape in the world

The area where vines are grown in Lanzarote is an absolutely Martian landscape. Between volcanoes with black sand, you can see hundreds of holes dug out, and in the centre of them the planted vineyards. This is so that they are protected from the wind that destroys everything on Lanzarote and also so that their roots can more easily access the less superficial nutrients of the soil. The result is a unique landscape that you should not miss. We recommend: stops and tastings in the most beautiful wineries of Lanzarote; El Grifo, Rubicón or La Geria. Of course, try the special white wines made from Malvasia grapes and avoid red wines as much as possible.

Do you want to eat chicken volcano?

The only national park in Spain where you won’t see a single tree or anything that looks green. At busy times of the year there can be queues of up to an hour to get into the park, so we always recommend that you visit early in the morning (it opens at 10:00) or late in the afternoon (it closes at 17:00). Once inside, park your car and take the explanatory tour in the park’s buses. You will pass through places where you would think it would be unthinkable for a bus to fit. Once the tour is over, there is a demonstration of geothermal energy and the temperature of the ground that usually leaves you open-mouthed. We finish with a volcano chicken in the restaurant.

A unique place in terms of landscape and photography.

In this picturesque enclave, sea salt is still produced as it was in the past. The system of salt terraces and the different effects of the refraction of the sun on them make this place a unique landscape and photographic spot, especially at sunset, when the tones become reddish and purplish. From the top you can take good photos. If you go down with the car you can access not only to the salt flats, but also to the beach of Janubio; a beach of black volcanic sand as you have probably never seen another one like it in your life. However, if you want to enjoy the beach as such, choose a day without wind, because on the north coast of the island it is always very windy. Extra: if you happen to be at lunchtime and you like rice, don’t hesitate to eat at the Mirador de las Salinas, a restaurant famous for this dish and with beautiful views of the salt flats. We recommend booking a table or going early to find a seat.

Lanzarote is home to a series of very different events

Once a year, usually in June, a run and walk takes place in the incomparably beautiful area of La Geria. Running or walking between volcanoes, over black sand and next to vineyards is a unique experience. In the race there are two modalities: 12 or 24km. The 12km walk has four stops along the way to taste Lanzarote wines, included with the registration fee. The route ends in the village of Uga, where there is a tapas fair and concerts. A mixture of sport, nature and fun, this is an activity that is as famous as it is recommendable.
More information at:

Liquid Sounds.

A series of concerts that take place during the months of May and June in the wineries of Lanzarote, where in addition to the music you can taste the wine of the new vintage. The programme culminates in an evening-long festival with stages set up in the middle of La Geria. If you are a music lover you are sure to love it.
More information at:


During the month of May, there is a weekend when the island of Lanzarote comes to an almost complete standstill, as the Ironman takes place, a highly demanding physical test that attracts participants from all over the world. Recognised as one of the most complex races in the world in this discipline due to the temperatures that can be reached and the gusts of wind that can make it extremely difficult, the Lanzarote Ironman is well worth watching. The event consists of no more and no less than a 3.8km swim in the open sea, then a 180km bike ride around the island, followed by a marathon, i.e. a 42km run. It starts and finishes in Puerto del Carmen and is a spectacle to behold. Competitors prepare for it all year round.
If you’re in the right place to watch them run the last stage, don’t hesitate to cheer them on as you see them go by – every little bit helps!
More information at:


From the end of February and during the whole month of March the carnival takes place in Lanzarote, starting in Arrecife, and continuing every weekend with the carnivals in the different municipalities. Batucadas, murgas, the most varied costumes and lots and lots of fun. If you decide to visit the island at this time of year, don’t hesitate to pack a costume in your suitcase, you’re sure to make the most of it.


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